Morgan Stanley: D2


Consolidate all of Morgan Stanley’s separate deal systems into one package.


Senior Product Designer

  • Designed tab-based navigation system for merging different tools onto one platform
  • Users can open and close new tabs as needed
  • Worked closely with business users to incorporate usability improvements and business rule changes
  • Created both architecture and visual design

D2 was one of the most robust deal-tracking tools in the Institutional Banking industry.
Navigation comprised a set number of permanent tabs, and allowed users to open new tabs for deals and clients as needed.
Deals were consolidated and managed in one place throughout their entire lifecycle.
The complex process of creating new deals was simplified into a step-by-step guide.
Individual deals could be opened in separate tabs to access all details and functionality.
All clients could be accessed in a single location, eliminating redundancy and reducing legal risk.
All information about a client, and all of their associated deals, were available on a dedicated client tab.
Executives could compile live data and view as graphs and other  visualizations.


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The Digiday Awards 2018:  Best Branding B2B Campaign

OMMA Awards 2018: Best Business to Business Website

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B2 Awards 2018: Award of Excellence, Web Presence

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Forrester 2013: Best Practices for Tablet Financial Apps

The Tabby Awards 2012: Best Financial Tablet App