PolyBrowser, by PolySuite


Created a startup to reimagine how people browse the web to make it faster and easier.


CEO | Chief Experience Officer

  • Designed a new way to browse the web by stitching websites together like a panoramic photo
  • Built accompanying search engine and bookmarking tool
  • Created branding and marketing campaign
  • Programmed most of the browser’s functionality and visuals in JavaScript and CSS
  • Ran all aspects of the business, including management of three different development teams

Designed the website for PolyBrowser.com.
With PolyBrowser, websites are stitched together side-by-side.
Each new tab showed a custom-designed launch page, with folders for commonly used groups of websites.
Users could zoom out to see all of their websites at once.
You could search from a dedicated search sidebar.
Save all of your open tabs as a “PolyMark” a custom created bookmarking tool.


Pioneering the digital transformation of public town-hall meetings.

(Note: Please request a live portfolio walkthrough)

Reimagining the world’s top Board Portal, used by over 700,000 Directors and 20,000 organizations.

(Note: Please request a live portfolio walkthrough)

Award Winner

The Digiday Awards 2018:  Best Branding B2B Campaign

OMMA Awards 2018: Best Business to Business Website

Award Winner

A’DESIGN Awards 2018: Winner, Platinum A’ Design Award

Webby Awards 2018: Nominated

HOW Design Awards 2017: Merit Winner

GOOD DESIGN Awards 2017: Winner, Interactive Media

HORIZON INTERACTIVE Award 2017: Winner, Best of Category: Utility

Award Winner

Forrester 2013: Best Practices for Tablet Financial Apps

The Tabby Awards 2012: Best Financial Tablet App

Award Winner

B2 Awards 2018: Award of Excellence, Web Presence